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26th February was a great day for me - I gained a place on Manchester Metropolitan University’s Primary PGCE course, starting this September. I’m gonna be a teacher!

But it was also quite a strange day. Minutes before my interview began, I started to experience a weird abdominal pain - not a regular tummyache, but something else. I put it down to nerves and got home fine, but the pain didn’t go away. It got worse.

Two weeks later, I was admitted to hospital. The doctors diagnosed gastritis, and sent me home with painkillers in the hopes that it would soon fade. Long story short: it hasn’t gone away. Most days, I’m bedridden with the pain, and as I write I’m waiting to hear about a follow-up appointment at the hospital.

Claiming benefits for illness and disabilities is, as you know, a nightmare at the moment. My council tax benefit claim vanished into thin air, but I’m too ill to deliver the paperwork that would fix this problem that I didn’t cause.

A friend of ours wanted us to look after their cat so that they wouldn’t lose their tenancy. However, said friend hasn’t honoured their promise that they would send us money to feed and neuter him. He’s managed to get two of our other girls pregnant, and we cannot afford so many cats and kittens on our own. Unfortunately, our soft natures have been taken advantage of.

I haven’t got a safety net to fall back on. All the savings I had went into my music degree, and I don’t receive support from immediate family. I haven’t made any sales on my newly-opened Etsy store yet. The stress of having all these problems to solve is considerably slowing my recovery from this illness.

So, I turn to you, my friends and extended family. Anything that you can donate to my cause, however small, will be gratefully received and put to good use.

Here’s the nitty-gritty. I need:
- £95 for the course book list
- £90 to neuter 3 male cats (one daddy cat and two kittens)
- £45 for a season ticket to get me to my first month of lectures
- £50 for a pair of school shoes
- a little extra for stationery and uni supplies
- the rest towards clearing my awful overdraft

At the moment I cannot offer you anything in return except my undying gratitude and admiration. But in months to come, when a class of young faces is eagerly waiting for me to fill their minds with knowledge, please know that your donation will be worth every penny.

In love and hope,

Made this potholder last night.

Made this potholder last night.


GRANT ME THE POWER…………………………….


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Yes it did.


Yes it did.

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